Monday, 20 September 2010

Summer Project

This is my summer project for university (i begin my first year in October) The brief was to visit a local gallery and be inspired by whatever is on display that was made in the last 20 years and make a picture in our own style inspired by the gallery. The gallery i visited had a magic show themes display, there was a photograph with an oriental temple and somebody floating above it, and a poster with a geisha in a bubble, then there was a magicians hat for a rabbit in the middle of the room so i was inspired by geishas, rabbits and levitating!

here is my picture i have to present to my new class in October it is made with watercolour paints and tea. This is a photograph of the painting not a scan it is painted on watercolour board that is a few inches each way bigger than A4... so it does not fit in my scanner (* ̄m ̄)


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  1. Wow, this is really nice. I'd love to see the original that was the inspiration for this piece. What course are you studying? I'm just about to go into my second year of an illustration course =)